Top 10 Apex Legends Tips and Tricks

Every game wants to be “easy to learn, hard to master.” Apex Legends is somewhere there. You need mod than a quick trigger finger to be the best Legend in Kings Canyon. You need to know a few other tips and tricks, too. Here’s our guide to them.

1. Heal, Heal, Heal

Each legend has 100HP. Armore can 25 HP per segment – you get 4 of those with purple (highest level) armor. Always be looking for a chance to heal. Yes, it takes time, but it’s totally worth it when you have you team backing you or when you’re engaged at long range. You shields and you health are replenished by separate types of items (batteries and health kits respectively), so make sure to stock up on both.

2. Stick With the Team

It’s a good idea to land together with your squad (if you don’t want to be the jumpmaster during the landing, you can give the responsibility to someone else). A good team will ping loot for you to collect. They might even give you some items that you need more than they do. Your friends can also spot enemies, pick you up when you’re downed or even take you to a respawn beacon when you’re killed. Be a team player yourself and ping items and enemies.

3. Learn Your Colors

Ammo types and item levels are market by colors in the game. Also, the color of damage numbers shows what kind of armor the enemy has (if any). Learn them! Luckily for you, we have a guide!

4. Don’t Main a Single Legend

There’s no guarantee that you’ll always get to pick first, so learn to play other Legends. And be mindful of your team’s needs: if you see that other people are taking attackers, maybe get some support in there.

5. Manage Your Inventory

Learn the hotkey for inventory. That’s how you’ll be able to manage your stuff better. You only have limited space for ammo, grenades, med kits and all, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll find a better backpack. So learn to throw away ammo for guns you abandoned or stuff you generally find useless but picked up accidentally. Also, learn to switch items: the consumable slot is already crowded with batteries and medipacks before other stuff comes in.

6. No Fall Damage and Gunless Sprints

Apex Legends has more Titanfall DNA in than just some of the weapons. For one, there’s the freedom of movement. While you won’t be parkouring like a Titan pilot, you can still easily conquer vertical surfaces… by falling. No matter what cliff or edge you fall off, you won’t suffer any damage. That’s it. There’s no mechanic involved in there.

However, if you want to experience the drop again, you can ride the zipline up to one of the red balloons, which will allow you to glide down just like you had jumped out of the dropship. Use this to escape rings/reach new spots with your team mates.

Another important thing is that you can sprint faster in Apex Legends if you don’t have a weapon equipped. Learn the hotkey and sprint around when you’re sure that you’re safe from enemies; it takes some time to draw a weapon, you know!

7. Know Your Zoom

Not every scope matches every weapon in the game. That said, don’t always go for the biggest one. 2x-4x variable is gold, unless you’re extremely sure that you have a good perch to snipe fools from afar. Most fights in Apex Legends happen at medium range and players tend to move around – so strong zoom is actually bad in this case.

8. A Weapon For Every Occasion

You can have two weapons on you. So try to have a combo that will carry you through most situations. For example, have a sniper rifle or AR for when you need range and an LMG or a shotgun for close encounters. Of course, this is the ideal set up and your situation might be different.

9. Don’t Forget Your Abilities

If you’re new to Apex Legends, you might forget that you Legend has abilities. For example, Lifeline’s drone is very good for healing up after (or even during) a fight, since your team won’t need to use consumables. And her supply drop ultimate is also great out of combat. Meanwhile, as Pathfinder, you can cover ground faster and you can help your team mates reach places that only you can reach. Same goes for the lot of them!

10. Finish Finishers

A Finisher is basically a show-off move that allows you to kill off a downed opponent. However, it takes a few seconds to carry it out. If you see an enemy going in for a Finisher on a downed team-mate, shoot them or punch them. You’ll disrupt the finisher, save a friend and possibly take down a foe. Hooray!



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