Apex Legends Keyboard shortcuts / controls

Apex Legends, just like any other game, has it’s own set of keys. Some are obvious – movement and shooting are usually the same game after game – but some are less so. The abilities and the inventory management system, as well as communicating with other Legends in your team can throw you for a loop. So here is the guide for the controls in this game:

Action Keyboard Xbox One PS4 Notes
Move w/a/s/d Controls Controls
Sprint ⇧ Left Shift (hold) Controls (Toggle) Controls (Toggle)
Jump space Controls Controls
Crouch (toggle) c Controls Controls
Crouch (hold) Left Ctrl Controls
Tactical Ability q Controls Controls
Ultimate Ability z Controls + Controls Controls + Controls
Interact/Pickup e Controls Controls
Alternate Interact x Controls (hold) Controls (hold)
Inventory (toggle) Tab ↹ Controls Controls
Map (toggle) m Controls Controls
Attack Controls Controls Controls Also hold to activate Knockdown Shields while downed
Toggle Fire Mode b Controls Controls
Aim Down Sight (toggle) Controls
Aim Down Sight (hold) Controls Controls
Melee v Controls (Toggle) Controls
Reload r Controls Controls
Cycle Weapon Controls (scroll) Controls Controls
Equip Weapon 1 1
Equip Weapon 2 2
Holster Weapons 3 Controls (hold) Controls (hold) You run faster while weapons are holstered
Equip Grenade g Controls Controls Hold to open grenade wheel
Use Selected Health/Shield Item 4 Controls Controls
Health Wheel Controls (hold) Controls (hold)
Extra Character Action h Controls Controls Controls context pings, and Gibraltar Shield
Inspect Weapon n Controls (hold) Controls (hold)
Ping Controls Controls Controls Hold to open ping wheel
Ping (Enemy Here) f 2x tap Controls 2x tap Controls
Push to Talk (Hold) t
Text Chat ↵ Enter

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