Best Characters In Apex Legends game

Apex Legends calls its character/classes Legends. And as it happens in every game, some are better/easier to use than others. Here’s our short ranking.



Her D.O.C. drone ability allows Lifeline to heal herself and her team members without using any heal items, which is handy, especially after a fight is over. She also uses healing items faster, which makes it good for the individual player. Lifeline’s ultimate Care Package can give you a boost with defensive items – and to set up a trap.


Wraith has the smallest hitbox in the game, with this alone making her the best choice for some players. Her Into the Void ability allows her to become immune to damage for a time, which is amazing for quick getaways or wanting to close in on the enemy. Her Dimensional Rift ultimate allows her team to enjoy added mobility, too.




Double Time allows Bangalore to run away from a fight even better than anyone else (except Wraith). Her smoke barrier, however, helps her entire team by breaking sight with smoke. And if you can catch enemies with her Rolling Thunder ultimate, you can deal a lot of damage.


Mirage is one of the two unlockable characters and his powers are situational. All of them rely on decoys: Psych Out allows to set one up manually, Encore! sends one out when you’re downed while Vanishing Act ultimate unleashes a swarm of them. So, not really damaging the enemy directly, but a decoy act as… a decoy to lure the enemy out and open fire early.



Bloodhound is a tracker and all of her powers revolved around tracking. Her passive, Tracker, shows footsteps left by enemy players. Meanwhile her tactical power Eye of the Alfather allows her to spot hidden things. Beast of the Hunt sharpens senses, highlights enemies and increases movement speed, but doesn’t give you additional damage or anything. In short, it’s best to play Bloodhound with a team and voice chat.


Pathfinder is more of a path maker. His grappling hook ability allows him – not his team mates – move around more freely and make best use of sniper rifles (via taking those good positions). Zipline is much better, since it allows for a lot more freedom of movement for the entire team, especially when escaping high ground. There’s some use from his Insider Information ability, too, as knowing information of the next ring helps.



Gibraltar is huge and has a huge hitbox, which already makes him bad in most eyes. His shield power basically benefits only him, unless you find a situation where it helps you defend a friend. However, you have your tactical power to deploy a team shield which does that even better. And his mortar ultimate, well, it’s not Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder.


Caustic powers entirely rely on trapping the enemy. His ability to see through the gas doesn’t work without gas present. So his traps only come into play if you’re on the defense and for the ultimate, you need to know that the enemy is in a building – and have an ambush ready. Oh, you need to unlock him, too.

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